Monday, June 18, 2012


Art I Project - Manuscript Illumination

This was a project where students studied Medieval manuscript illumination. The assignment was to create a design which showcased one of the initials from their name in a font of their choice. Around the letter they had to create a border design which illustrated their personality, interests, and hobbies. They also had to incorporate some gold tempera paint somewhere in their design. The gold paint looks really cool when you see these in person. 

  • Drawing paper
  • Rulers (for the border)
  • Colored pencils
  • Gold tempera paint
  • Example fonts for students to choose from 
  1. First students created a one and a half inch border
  2. Then students choose a font to illustrate 
  3. From there they begin sketching out their designs on their paper
  4. Next they begin coloring with colored pencils
  5. Lastly, they add their gold tempera paint somewhere in their design.

My example

Student Examples