Saturday, June 16, 2012

Dot paintings

This was an art II project that dealt with how dots have been used in art history. For this we looked at three different uses of the dot. We looked at Aborigine dot paintings, George Seurat's pointillism, and Roy Lichenstein's Pop art. The project was to find a pop culture figure and illustrate them using only dots of paint. In the background they were to create an interesting design which incorporates at least two aborigine designs. I thought that my students might hate this project because it was going to be time consuming, but they ending up really loving it. 

  • Thick painting paper
  • Pencil for sketching out image
  • Tempera paint
  • Any sort of pointed stick (I used old wooden styluses from a scratch art project. You can also use the end of paint brushes)
  1. First each student had to choose their own pop culture figure to illustrate and they were responsible for getting a picture of their chosen person. 
  2. Students must decide whether or not they want to paint their paper to give it a background color. It really depends on what they are painting as to what they should do with the background. Some may choose to leave it white. 
  3. Lightly sketch out the illustration on the painting paper with pencil
  4. Using tempera paint and a wooden stylus, students will use dots to create their image.

Student Art Examples 


  1. These are great! I may try these with my High School Design class. How big did you have the students make these?

    1. Thanks! :) These were 10 and half by 14 inches.