My Art

I love art. I just love it.

One of the awesome advantages to being an art teacher is getting to do art with my students during the school year. However a lot of what I do during the school year is just helping my students with their art and I don't get a lot of time for my own stuff. The other advantage to teaching art is having most of the summer off to do whatever art I want to do for myself. 

If you see enough of my drawings and paintings you'll notice that I love cats.... and nature.... 
oh oh and Doctor Who.... and Totoro.  Those four things seem to be recurring themes in my art recently. 

Tell me which ones are your favorite. ^-^

Katie (Mittens)


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    1. Thanks, I appreciate your comments ^-^

  2. You're illustrations are so cute! The painting of the girl is amazing!

  3. the TARDIS OMG its so OMG i love it its amazing

    1. Thanks! Can't go wrong with a TARDIS.

  4. the TARDIS OMG its OMG i love it its amazing