Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Art I project

In this project I introduced the students to zentangles. The basic idea is simple. A Zentangle is designed to increase focus and creativity. Instead of planning out everything with sketches and rough drafts, students have to focus on random drawings that deal with pattern designs. It's lots of fun. Some students will find it difficult to focus on a repetitive drawing but others will become so absorbed in their drawing that the whole room will fall silent. There are lots of websites with Zentangle patterns. http://www.zentangle.com/ This is the official zentangle website


  • Drawing paper
  • ink pens

  1. First, put a dot in each corner. Then draw a line to connect each corner and form the edges of the Zentangle. The rule is that you can not use any rulers because that's not what Zentangles are all about. So, it doesn't matter if the edge is straight or wavy.
  2. Next, divide the space up into sections by drawing random lines across the paper. 
  3. Inside the sections begin drawing random patterns and designs. 

My Example

Student Examples

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  1. I loe your blog! Thanks for sharing all of your creative ideas!